The Eucharist

Eucharistic Miracles
by Joan Carroll Cruz

$17.00 - 302 pages - Soft Cover
Tan Books

     On a numerous occasions in the history of the Church, God has seen fit to offer miraculous visible proof of the Catholic teaching that at the sacred words of Consecration in the Mass, the bread and wine upon the altar are truly changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  Joan Carroll Cruz's Eucharistic Miracles recounts 36 such major Eucharistic miracles in Church history.  She tells of Hosts which have bled, Hosts which have become hard as flint when received by a person in mortal sin, Hosts which have levitated, Hosts which have manifested their hidden presence by mysterious lights, consecrated "wine" which turned into visible blood, etc., as well as many miracles which occurred after sacrilege had been committed against the Holy Eucharist.  The events told here cover a wide historical gamut, the first miracle described being that of Lanciano, Italy in the 8th  century and the last that of Stich, Bavaria in 1970.  The author details the official investigations made into these remarkable events, and in many cases tells where the miraculous Hosts or Blood can still be seen and venerated today.
     Also described here are many miraculous Eucharistic phenomena in the lives of the Saints: Mrs. Cruz tells of Saints who lived on the Eucharist alone, Saints who had raptures and ecstasies during Holy Communion, Saints who received Communion miraculously, and Saints who experienced levitation, visions, locutions, and phenomena of tears, fire and light in relation to their reception of the Eucharist.  Plus, another section of the book gives the history of Eucharistic devotions, including Benediction, the Feast of Corpus Christi, and perpetual adoration.

by Daniel P. Guernsey

$15.95 - 250 pages - Soft Cover 
Ignatius Press

      This work is offered for those seeking to enhance time spent before the Blessed Sacrament and for those seeking a good preparation for a full and active participation in the Liturgy. The inexhaustible depths of the Sacrament and the Liturgy have fascinated and inspired Catholics since the Last Supper. In our own times there is a renewed interest in the practice of Eucharistic Adoration. A new generation finds itself hungry for the Bread of Life and drawn to give the Lord thanks and adoration. 

        This book seeks to provide prayerful souls with insights gleaned from the wealth of Church teaching and tradition. The selections are drawn from a variety of sources and times. Some are classical, some less well known, but all are solid and insightful. They come from Old and New Testaments, the Church Fathers, great saints, popes, councils, traditional prayers. Taken together, these prayers and meditations offer a balanced, rich view of the Eucharist, and their unique perspectives are intended to aid us in our understanding, appreciation and worship of this Sacrament of Sacraments.

Msgr, Peter Elliott

The Blessed Eucharist
by Fr. Michael Muller

$10.00 - 298 pages - Soft Cover
Tan Books

     "The devil knows that, according to the promise of Jesus Christ, they  who receive Holy Communion worthily will not fall into his power, but will obtain eternal life, and on this account he either tempts men to disbelieve the mystery, or he suggests every sort of pretext to keep them from receiving it. But he himself believes it and trembles. Would to God that all men had so strong a faith!" (Page 11). 
    "The object of this little book is, then, to make Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist more generally known and better loved." (Page x). Thus Fr. Michael Muller gives us the reasons why he has written this book to increase our knowledge of and love for Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist. In the process he arrays before our minds every conceivable aspect of the Great Mystery of the Altar: the doctrine, Christ's love for us that made Him create this most beautiful Sacrament, why He veils Himself from us under the appearance of bread, how we should prepare ourselves for Holy Communion and how we should make thanksgiving thereafter. Plus, he sprinkles innumerable fascinating stories throughout, describing famous Eucharistic miracles, quoting from Scripture and the Saints, showing the virtues obtained from Communion worthily received and portraying the results of unworthily receiving Our Lord. He also exposes the phony excuses for not communicating frequently, describes what takes place in Heaven during Mass on earth, tells how the Angels gather round the altar at Mass, etc. , etc.

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament

$20.00 - 221 pages - Soft Cover
Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament

     This confidence in Christ teaches us that no matter how busy we are, and no matter how many things need to get done, the greatest need is to take time out and profess our trust and dependency on Him by spending an hour each day in prayer before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This hour is absolutely the best and most fruitful time that we will spend on earth. 

      My prayer is that this book helps you as it has helped me, and that you will share it with the laity. The laity need to be better educated that they may develop a Christ-consciousness in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and learn to center their life on Him with a deep Eucharistic spirituality. How many of our Catholic laity will spend many days in keeping vigil with the dead body of a deceased relative, and, yet, will never think of visiting Our Risen Savior in the Blessed Sacrament who alone gives life to both the living and the dead? 
    Today many of our people are walking away from the Church and going to other religions because their faith is not strong enough. So many never go beyond the surface of their Catholic faith. For this reason we should place a high priority on helping the people develop a personal relationship with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. How else do we expect to keep them? Fr. Roger G. Cortez

Miracles of the Eucharist I
by Bob & Penny Lord

$11.95 - 190 pages - Soft Cover
Journeys of Faith

     Bob and Penny Lord's first book, this is truly a work inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Through Miracles of the Eucharist, Bob and Penny share how much Our Lord Jesus loves us.  Whenever the Church is in crisis, the Lord brings about Miracles of the Eucharist.  When they wrote this book, they were not aware, there was a need to defend the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, nor did know that the Lord would use this book, and the Miracles within, to arm those who love and wish to defend the Eucharist, the Heart of our Faith.  The time-frame of this book parallels perfectly the raging battle between our time-honored 2000 year Tradition that Jesus truly comes to us, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament, and those who would have us believe He Who comes to us, is just a Symbol.
     Even the circumstances by which this book was written cannot be called coincidental.  In 1976, Bob and Penny went to visit the Shrine of the Miracle of the Eucharist in Lanciano, Italy, because of a casual mention by a friend.  The majesty of Our Lord Jesus in that Miracle so touched their hearts, they began researching these Miracles.  In 1981, they met Fr. Antonio Giannini, custodian of the Shrine of the Miracles of the Eucharist.  Through him and his direction, their travels covered every inch of Europe in search of the Miracles.  In 1981, he predicted they would write a book.  In 1986, they brought him the first copy of this book.
     Called by hundreds of thousands worldwide, "The book, which had to be written," it contains a series of accounts of the most visible Miracles of the Eucharist over the last 1500 years, and their relevance in our lives today.  Bob and Penny not only present investigations by the Church authenticating the Miracles, but those of the Scientific world.

Miracles of the Eucharist II
by Bob & Penny Lord

$14.95 - 319 pages - Soft Cover
Journeys of Faith

     In 1986, Bob and Penny Lord wrote their first book - This Is My Body, This Is My Blood, Miracles of the Eucharist.  Overnight, it became a Best Seller touching the hearts of the more than one million brothers and sisters who have read it!
     As a TV Series, it has been shown on EWTN to millions of viewers for over six years.  After eight years of research, the Lord brings you:  This is My Body, This is My Blood, Miracles of the Eucharist, Book II.
     In addition to over 20 Miracles of the Eucharist, not covered in their first book, there are special chapters on the great strengths of our Church:
               The Mass, the ongoing Sacrifice of the Cross
               The Mass and the Eucharist fulfill the Old and New Testaments!  Your heart will burn, as you discover what is really happening during the Mass.
     Read what the Church has taught, down through the centuries, regarding the Sacrifice of the Mass.  Learn why Jesus left Himself to us!
     Bob and Penny share how the Lord protected and defended His Church through Miracles of the Eucharist.
     Miracles of the Eucharist in the lives of the Saints, stories on the Saints and how they lived their lives, depending only on the Eucharist for physical and spirital nourishment.
     Read how the Martyr gave their lives rather than deny the Church and the Eucharist.

Praying In The Presence Of Our Lord
For The Holy Souls
by Susan Tassone

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
Series Editor

$7.95 - 176 pages - Soft Cover
Our Sunday Visitor

     Nothing gives God more glory, or brings Him greater joy, than when we remember those who have died before us. And there is no better way to pray for the holy souls in purgatory than during Eucharistic Adoration. In fact, Pope John Paulll in his Bull of Indiction on the Jubilee Year said that giving the holy souls your indulgence is the "highest act of supernatural charity."


    Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for the Holy Souls is the
most comprehensive collection of the most powerful prayers of the Catholic Church for the holy souls in purgatory ever compiled! These ancient and modem prayers are rich, beautiful, and effective.

   Pray them during Eucharistic Adoration, before and after Mass, in
front of the Blessed Sacrament, in prayer groups, or during private

   Pope John Paul II bestows his Apostolic Blessing on Susan Tassone's work and her latest book, Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for the Holy Souls.

Praying In The Presence Of Our Lord
With St. Thomas Aquinas
by Mike Aquilina

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
Series Editor

$7.95 - 143 pages - Soft Cover
Our Sunday Visitor

Tantum ergo Sacramentum
Veneremur cernui

Down in adoration falling,
Lo! The sacred Host we hail

    These words, written by the great theologian St. Thomas Aquinas,
have inspired millions over the past seven centuries. St. Thomas's
devotion to the Eucharist was profound. His brother Dominicans
recalled that he would spend long hours kneeling before the tabernacle. When he faced a particularly difficult problem, he would lean against the tabernacle, as if to rest against the Master's heart as did the Beloved Disciple at the Last Supper.

    Now St. Thomas's immortal poems of praise -in both their original
Latin and stunning translation -have been assembled along with
insightful meditations and commentary by Mike Aquilina, in Praying
in the Presence of Our Lord with St. Thomas Aquinas.

    Since we usually hear St.Thomas's hymns during Eucharistic
Adoration, it is especially fitting to let his words join ours before the
altar. Pray these prayers as St. Thomas did, in the presence of Our
Lord, before His tabernacle, where He dwells among us.

Praying In The Presence Of Our Lord
With Dorothy Day
by David Scott

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
Series Editor

$7.95 - 143 pages - Soft Cover
Our Sunday Visitor

     " So much love -so much sacrifice -all for Him alone. You have been such a beautiful branch on the Vine, Jesus, and allowed His Father; the Vinedresser, to prune you so often and so much. You have accepted all with great love." -Mother Teresa of Calcutta to Dorothy Day on her seventy-fifth birthday

    " It has long been my contention that Dorothy Day is a saint -not a
'gingerbread' saint or a 'holy card' saint, but a modern-day devoted daughter of the Church." -Cardinal John J. O'Connor of New York, introducing Dorothy Day's "cause" for sainthood

    A socialist journalist and radical activist living a bohemian lifestyle
in 1920s Greenwich Village, Dorothy Day found God in the mystery of the poor and in the wonders of nature.

    Founder of the Catholic Worker movement in 1933, she was probably
the most fascinating witness to Christ that America has ever produced
-a single, working grandmother living in the slums, serving the poorest of the poor. She prayed the Rosary and went to Mass everyday and confession every week.

    Her prayer before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament helped her to see Him in the poor she served. She wrote as she lived -as if every day she was on pilgrimage, as if each moment could be a sacrament, a disclosure of the divine, a real encounter with the living God.