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2024 February 01

My children,

I call you to be at peace. The world is filled with chaos. But your hearts should be at peace. There is great discord in the world. Satan has sewn the seeds of division, but my son Jesus has called you to unity and peace. Do not succumb to discord and division, but be children of peace and unity. I love you and I bring you to love. The love that is my son, Jesus.

Be at peace. Go in the peace of God.


2023 December 25

My Dear Children,

Behold God’s great love for you. To come and take form in flesh and blood, to live among you and even to give His life for love of you.  My children, what has God done but exhausted His love for you, having laid His life down for you.  Behold the darkness that intends to eclipse the light of God in the faithful.  Fail to persevere in the path illumined for them by the Almighty.  Let today rejuvenate your faith as you behold the child Jesus resting in His mother’s arms.  Even as you behold Jesus resting in the monstrance throughout the world today.  Behold Jesus anew and be renewed.  Open your heart and soul to the Holy Spirit that you may see more clearly your God who exists among you.  Go in the peace of God to bring His love to all. 

Go with the blessing of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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