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In His Own Words

One morning, January 20, 1975, I was driving on the overpass in Schriever, Louisiana at 4:30 in the morning.  That was the first time The Mother started talking to me.  She started talking all of a sudden, without any warning. 

At first, I thought the voice was coming from my radio.  But I had turned my radio off.  It surprised me so much I let go the wheel. I could see the road but I couldn’t drive my car.

She started talking to me.  She said that she was the Mother of God. She was telling of the trouble I was going to have with my family.  But, it would all be for the best.  She asked me to tell the people to pray the rosary as they were getting away from her rosary, getting away from the Church.

She said many people were going to get sick. Many would be confused and would need healing. She asked me to pray over people. She gave me a prayer and told me that her Son would send many people to my house.  I was to pray for everybody that came to my house and was to help everyone.  The only way they could be healed was to turn to her Son. She told me to tell the people: Go to Church!  Go to confession! Go to communion! Visit the Blessed Sacrament every day! She said we have to turn to her Son.

She asked me to ask the children to pray the rosary every day. We give away rosary beads all the time at my house. 

She told me when you pray the rosary she will bring you back to her Son.  She wants the people to pray the rosary to save themselves. 

Children are getting away from their mothers and fathers.  Everyone will suffer with their children.  We have to pray the rosary and put everything in God’s hands. We were not to worry about anything, but continue to pray the rosary, and He would save our children.

This is the promise she made to me. Our children will be saved if we pray the rosary and put everything in God’s hands.  He is there! He loves us! He loves our children! He loves us! We are responsible for our children. Sometimes our children do bad things, but we have to pray, and He will help us.

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The Unsuspecting Transplant

The Mission is not a person or group, although it is comprised of them. It is not a place, although we gather at them. It is not a thing, even though it makes use of many. It is a Spirit. A Spirit that beacons, transforms, enlivens, uplifts, and directs all toward God - all for the praise and glory of His name. This Spirit of Love is a most precious gift of our Lady, whom we have come to call Mom. Thanks be to God for the best gift, the gift of our Lady. 
So to start, let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Darrell Bennett. I‘m married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. 
The Lord blessed me with the perfect soul mate back in high school. Her name is Liz. She is my best friend, girlfriend, and yes, my wife. I thank God for her each day. 
I was born in Sweetwater, Tx and moved to Thibodaux, LA For dad's work. 
I was raised protestant. My family has deep religious convictions. Convictions deeply ingrained in my life. My mom and dad were Baptist. After mom died when I was older, dad continued practicing in his faith. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. 
Sunday was not only the day to worship God but it was also the day for family. My grandmothers also left an indelible impression on me. What I will always remember most about both of them is their faithfulness and love of the Word of God.
My religious upbringing was one of reverence for God, love for His Word, and respect for His commandments. 
One of my pet peeves started after Liz and I were married. Liz would faithfully go to bed praying her rosary. I would faithfully wake up each morning with her rosary literally imbedded in my back. I would actually have to peal it off my back and live with its imprint for most of the day. I was not happy with this to say the least. She would try to keep it from happening, but I still would wake up having to pull the rosary out of my skin. My thoughts about our Lady and the rosary were not pleasant during those times. 
Apart from religion, I was very much engrossed in the world. I had one goal, to succeed in the world and be retired by the time I was 30. Most of all I wanted to enjoy the pleasures the world.
By 1978, I was not living a life anyone or any denomination would have looked favorable. I was a lost.
Little did I know how much my life was about to change on that October day.
I am a convert to Catholicism. October 13, 1978, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosar,. is the date of my conversion. It is the date I first prayed the rosary. I have not put the beads down since.
At the time, I was working for an insurance company. The agent from Lockport told me the story of a man from Lockport who was alleged to be having apparitions of Mary and that something extraordinary was suppose to occur on Saturday, October 7th. He didn’t know what, but he gave us directions to the lot where people would be gathering and the time. 
I shared the story with Liz, and we decided to go. We went to Lockport that morning not sure what we would find or experience. There were approximately 600-1,000 people there depending on who you ask. 
I saw a couple arrive. The crowd began praying the rosary. In the sky, the clouds formed a cross. Not the kind of shape like when we would say clouds look like animals, people, etc. We all saw an almost perfectly shaped, crisp cross.  
We learned the couple had left but would return that afternoon. So, we returned that afternoon. That man arrived and the crowd began to pray the rosary. This time I fell to my knees and began trying to mimic the prayers everyone was saying. I didn’t know the words. I had never said or prayed a rosary in my life. 
When the rosary was over we all got up. After standing for a moment I noticed my knee imprint in a bed of fire ants. They were all over the place. If you have ever seen an ant bed after being disturbed you can understand what I am describing. These ants are small and viscous and attack in mass numbers. I immediately took several steps back. 
It is strange and funny how the mind works at times. I remember taking a quick glance around me at all the people. All I could think about at that moment was how deeply embarrassed I was going to be because I was going to have to strip down to my birthday suit in front of all these people. 
I then looked down at my pants and shoes to see how many were on me. There was only one problem. There were no ants on me. Not a single one. I looked again thinking I must have been mistaken, but there were ants on the ground going crazy as they do. There was my knee imprint. I was absolutely positive it was where I had been kneeling. I got Liz and showed her. I had her check to make sure I wasn’t missing something. There was no rational explanation. 
The cross in the sky and incident with the ants are extraordinary events. However, what took place in my heart and in my life that day was the most extraordinary and enduring. 
All I knew at that moment was that there is a God, and we had been blessed to encounter Him. Another thing I knew was that the rosary was part of God’s plan. I would never put the rosary down from that day and would devote my life to this prayer. I also knew that our Lady, Jesus’ mother, would help us so that our lives would reflect our response to Jesus, in imitation of Peter, “Lord, you know all things. You know well I love you.” 
Soon after, I was able to meet TeeBeb. I became one of the 12, and Liz and I became very active with the MissionAfter his death, I took on the torch. The Blessed Mother began speaking to me after this time.

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