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Spiritual Survival Kit

The following items are items we recommend to have as part of a spiritual emergency kit.
- Catholic Bible
- Crucifix (St. Benedict)
- Rosary
- Holy Water (Enough to bless house for 9 days)- Holy Salt 
- Candles (Enough to last 9 days)
- Sacred Heart Prayer Card
- Our Lady Prayer Card
- St. Joseph Prayer Card
- An Angel Prayer Card

We also highly recommend having the following above or near each window and door:
- Crucifix
- Miraculous Medal
- St. Benedict Medal
- St. Michael/Guardian Angel Medal
- Holy Face Medal

Police Cars

Physical Emergency Kit

We live in a world filled with many possibilities for increased emergency situations, both natural and man-made.  We highly recommend the following link as your source for creating an emergency kit. They have information on many possibilities and even have a good checklist you can print and utilize. 

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